Many years ago Denna Babul decided to stop trying to brand herself and just start living in her own unique Jetstream.

Today she is an author, motivational speaker, Huffington Post blogger, and life coach with the distinct ability to read people on the spot: mentally, physically and spiritually. Nicknamed “the reader”, Denna can figure out where and why  a person is stuck in order to help them reclaim their lives. Getting people refocused and on to their life’s purpose is what she lives to do.

It works because she has done it for herself. After tragically losing her father when she was thirteen, she decided depression was not all that it was cracked up to be and decided to go after life with all guns ‘a blazing. Denna has climbed the corporate ladder of a Fortune 500 medical company, started and sold her own successful greeting card company, written a life-changing book, The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Your Loss and Reclaiming Your Life, and married a saint of a man who blessed her with two amazing children all without getting stretch marks.

Coined by her clients as “inspiration with an edge,” she thrives on helping people revolutionize both their personal and professional lives with her direct and humorous approach. As one infamous client so eloquently put it, “Talking to Denna is like having your best friend, an intuitive guru, and a drill sergeant ,with a slight southern drawl, all in one phone call. It is the highlight of my week.”

Her belief system is that fear comes from lacking a plan of action. Anyone can have the life they want once they decide to kick fear square in the ass and go for it. If you want to get read, contact Denna.


Denna is also the founder of The Fatherless Daughter Project and is very passionate about helping fatherless daughters go from fatherless to forgiveness to fearless. Check out the video below and fatherlessdaughterproject.com for more details.

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Photography by Sara Hanna