Add #SameTribe to your social media platforms if you want to bring awareness to fatherlessness


1 in 3 women have been the victim of sexual assault or harassment.

1 in 3 women are fatherless.

Although the 2 are not mutually exclusive the silence can be. In our society, women are taught to be ashamed of things that happen TO them. In the sometimes brainwashed mentality of our society we often blame the victim first. I believe this has a lot to do with why, we as fatherless daughters, tend to keep our emotions of loss, shame and guilt to ourselves when it comes to fatherlessness. We don’t want to bring attention to a) our fathers and b) our loss or abandonment. The reasons are twofold. As fatherless daughters we do not want to bring any negative attention to our fathers if they indeed abandoned us for fear that it will completely severe the already broken bond. If our fathers have passed, we do not want to bring attention to our sorrow for fear of having to explain why we can’t seem to get over it. We don’t want to bring pain to our family members who may be coping, or seemingly coping, in their own unique ways.    In short, we don’t talk about it. Here in lies the problem, fatherlessness is a life journey. It does not go away. It changes and grows as we do. If we stay silent we will continue to be in pain alone. There is a sisterhood out there just waited to embrace you. 

When Alyssa Milano started the hashtag “#metoo” it finally gave us women a way to come forward to share our stories. Women from all over the nation have found strength in numbers by using their social media platforms to speak up about their sexual assault or harassment. By speaking up, the accusers lose their power, and women in droves gain their own. So, I got to thinking…how about if fatherless daughters had their own hashtag and it went viral?

Now I know I am no Alyssa Milano, but I am game to try anything to bring awareness to the silent epidemic of fatherlessness. If you are reading this and feel moved to help us bring awareness to fatherlessness, simply add #sametribe to your social media platform. You are welcome to share your story along with it or just post #sametribe. By doing either, you are allowing your voice and the pain of others to find the light of day.

Thank you in advance for helping us get the message out. We need our fathers.