Stand Up & Stand In: The top 10 Attributes of a kick-ass stand-in father

I get so many emails and inquiries from daughters and people who love them about not having a man they can trust in their lives. It absolutely breaks my heart. It makes me wonder...who is standing up and stepping up in their lives? Is there anyone available?

Don't Give Your Entire Self Away

Having a full, loyal and giving heart is an inherent trait for most fatherless daughters. As a fatherless daughter, it feels very natural to want to always give of yourself. You want to "be there" for everyone who needs you.

Do You Want to Mentor Fatherless Daughters?

Do you want to mentor fatherless daughters? We are looking for a group of very special people to join our inaugural mentorship program. The training will be on Saturday, July 8, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why Fatherless Daughters Distance Themselves

Said every fatherless daughter I have ever met! Isolation is the "go to" coping mechanism of a fatherless daughter. They avoid conflict at every turn. Their fear is

From Pain to Power to Purpose

Karin and I wrote this article together to help shed light on what life is like for daughters without fathers. I decided to put it back up on my blog because it still speaks to me so loudly.

The Life Cycle of a Fatherless Daughter

She was abandoned
She was hurt
She fell apart