Do You Want To Know Why You Are In A Love-Hate Relationship?

Are you in a love hate relationship with someone and you can't figure out what gives? Do you feel like you are losing your mind with all of the mixed messages and wondering if you should stay or run like hell in the opposite direction? Well...there is a perfectly good term to define what is actually going on in your head and in your relationship.

You May Be A Fatherless Daughter If...

You May Be A Fatherless Daughter If... ...the only interaction you have with your father is on Facebook  haven't seen your father in the last year           ...if you lack an emotional bond with your father           ...if he got remarried and started a new family

Could Your Broken Heart Be A Self-Fulfilled Prophecy?

ALERT: This post may piss you off. Let me set the stage for you. The definition of a self-fulfilled prophecy is a positive or negative expectation about circumstances, events, or people that may affect a persons behavior toward them in a manner that he or she (unknowingly) creates situations in which those expectations are fulfilled. Basically, being fatherless may have pre-programmed you for a broken heart.

Do You Want To Be A Fatherless Daughter Movement Mentor?

Are you a fatherless daughter, or do you love someone who is fatherless? If so, you may be the perfect mentor. Picture your favorite small group/book club with the topic being all things fatherless. You don’t need to be a just need to be someone who has been greatly affected by fatherlessness and feel lead to help.

Should You Keep Him or Get Rid of Him?

I get asked all of the time about relationships. What makes a good one, and what makes a bad one? As a women, your father plays a huge part in who you choose to love and why. If you were raised with a doting father you may have the same expectations in a partner, whereas if you were raised with a father who was emotionally handicapped, or checked out, you may stumble through relationships wondering if they are good enough to stay or bad enough to go?

Meet Trina Winde one of our new fatherless daughter movement mentors!

  We are so pleased to have Trina Winde as part of our mentorship program in the palm state of South Carolina. Trina is a mother, wife, friend and over all "girl power encourager!" She is a powerful empath and fellow fatherless daughter.…