Denna Babul loves to talk! Known for making things happen, she often says “I came into this world two weeks early and ready to get to work.” A true Leo, she feels inspired to lead, encourage, and empower others to live a purposeful life.

Denna enjoys speaking in both intimate settings and large groups. Her experience ranges from leading corporate events to speaking at conferences to motivating college campuses. She feels at home in front of an audience and comes alive on stage. Compassionate and multidimensional in her approach, Denna has a unique way of incorporating pop culture, humor, personal experience, and vulnerability to connect with all types of audiences.

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Starting her career as a R.N., Denna specialized in critical care, cardiology, pulmonary, and emergency medicine before getting into the corporate world with a Fortune 500 company. She has been highly successful and rewarded as both an Executive Territory Manager and Regional Sales Manager in her field. In addition, Denna is the founder of the Fatherless Daughter Project: A book. A documentary. A non-profit. After becoming a fatherless daughter at the age of 13, Denna felt called to be the voice for fatherless daughters. Denna has a hit podcast on iTunes, Keeping it Real with Denna” where she offers advice and reveal strategies and tactics on how to dominate your life and empower others along the way,

Through all these experiences, Denna has been featured on TV, radio, and in print about her insights and expertise around the following subjects: fatherless daughters, medicine, relationships, motherhood, and
the corporate world. Thanks to her medical and corporate background, she has been a frequent consultant in the business arena teaching how to’s such as achieving a healthy work-life balance, turning your weaknesses to strengths, staying positive in achanging culture, working as a team, how to stand beside instead of against your peers, the difference in making a connection and a contact among many other topics. She’s also has appeared on the Today Show and is considered an expert voice on all things fatherless. She is renowned for teaching people how to turn their pain into power, and she believes when the mind, body and soul are in perfect alignment people’s true gifts come alive.

Denna has the ability to meet people “where they are” in their lives and give them the tools needed to get where they want to be. As one of her audience members once said, “Denna is a story teller. Listening to her is like having your best friend, a sergeant in the army and a comedian all in one. Whatever she tells you, you can do…you believe it to be true!”

Denna is a member of the National Speakers Association Georgia.

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