Fatherless Daughter Mentorship Program

This event is dedicated to ALL Fatherless Daughters. We will be offering a day of healing, education and sisterhood. At the end of the event we will select a few daughters to take part in our mentorship program.

Because this tribe is so special, we are asking that you scroll down to fill out a short form to be considered for the mentorship program only. There is no need to fill out the form if you will be attending as an observer without interest in the mentorship program. No need to worry. You can still take part in this monumental event.

There will be plenty of opportunity in the future to become a mentor should you feel lead. We are starting small in order to work out all of the kinks and insure that this program will indeed be one of healing and sisterhood all over the world. We are aiming high!

Here are the details:

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

When: Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Time: 9-5pm

Certified Mentors

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  • Price: $199.00

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