The Top 5 Reasons Not to Give Up On Your Dreams

You may have found this post today because you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or maybe even lost in the minutiae of trying to have it all. You have a dream. You have a job, and perhaps you have a family. You want to be fulfilled in all aspects of your life but usually it is the dream that can get left out in the cold of an over committed life. It takes a lot of mental stamina and blind hope to keep working towards a dream when all of these things are constantly getting in your way. This is a reminder that YOU need to KEEP GOING!

Here are the 5 reasons you may want to give up on your dreams and why you should not give into any of them:

  1. The dream you have inside of you was uniquely bestowed upon you. There is no one else who can do it like you can. There is no-one else who can take it as far as you will, and there is no-one else who will cherish it the way you do.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others. We live in the United States of America where creativity and talent run rampant. What makes a dream a reality is perseverance. What makes a dream unique is the beauty of the person who brings it to fruition in their own magical way… so do not waste your time comparing your dreams to others. Own your specific gifts and do it just as you believe it should be done.  Look what Michel Angelo did with the 7 colors of the rainbow. Do you think he let other artists stand in his way?
  3. Rest when you get tired or inundated with life’s other commitments. Remember your dream is based on your perfect timing. You are not in a race with anyone.
  4. Get excited. YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS. Know that it is coming. Enjoy the ride. Dream about the possibilities. Live as though it is already happening. The beauty of a dream is that it never stops giving.
  5. Surround yourself with other dream makers. Learn form them and let them learn form you. Dream together. Let the universe guide you towards the other souls who will be good for you. You will know it when you meet them because they will help guide you to the next step in your journey.

I am so happy you stopped at this blog post. Keep your eye on the prize. Remember you are the magic behind the dream. It is uniquely yours to capture. Follow your heart and watch your dreams unfold.