Denna Babul

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Real Talk Round Table

I have been invited to be a regular panel host on NBC’s Atlanta & Company “real Talk” panel! I guess I should call up a few of my teachers from back in the day and tell them my constant talking has finally paid off! I have been invited to be a regular panel host on NBC’s Atlanta & Company’s “Real Talk” segment along with Christine Pullara, Cara Kneer and Hank Denson. I could not think of anything more fun than me getting to give my 2 cents about a broad host of topics on LIVE TV. Tune in and see us have some fun and get real all at the same time.

Denna's Digital Courses

Denna’s digital courses are carefully developed programs that are sent directly to your email for you to learn in the comfort of your own home. We welcome you to join our tribe of women as they learn more about themselves and tap into the potential that we all have. 

Friend To Friend

My new segment, “Friend To Friend”, on NBC’s Atlanta & Company, can help you get your friend back! Do you have a friend that you’ve lost touch with and you miss? Perhaps you and a friend had a falling out and with space you have formed enough clarity to revisit the friendship but you just don”t know how to make the first move. Why is it that we will go to therapy to mend a failed marriage, but we will not seek the help we need to a broken friendship? These are the questions that kept swirling in my head when I came up with the idea for this segment.

Fatherless Daughter

The Fatherless Daughter Movement focuses on raising awareness and empowering fatherless daughters through: group work, 1-on-1 sessions, family reconciliations and a newly thriving mentorship program. Our goal is to help women deal with hardships from their pasts in order to have a thriving future.

I am Denna Babul, and I am a fatherless daughter.

There was a time where saying the words, “I am a fatherless daughter” would have brought me to tears instantly. I lost my father twice. Once to divorce at the age of 3 and again at 13 when he died unexpectantly. His loss was the defining moment in my life. It was on the way home from his funeral that I felt a calling to become the Voice of Fatherless Daughters. It is not what I would have chosen as my life’s purpose, but the universe had other plans. To date, I have produced a documentary, co-written a book, and started a 501c3 to benefit fatherless daughters. In this next phase, The Fatherless Daughter Movement will offer coaching for both daughters and families alike, mentorship programs, courses, more books and an even bigger foot print to bring light to the very silent epidemic of fatherlessness around the world. I hope you’ll join me in the Fatherless Daughter Movement. We still have so much great work to do.