You Can Rewire Your Brain

  Family Chocolate Milk Creativity Maybe not in this order, but you get my drift. The unbelievably cool thing is that this is 100% REAL. What we think we can become. Think positive. Give thanks in your time of refelction…

The Next Fatherless Daughter Masterclass is coming in April

  Here we come again. It is time for more healing and sisterhood. Join us virtually (anytime) or in person for the next Fatherless Daughter Masterclass. When: Saturday, April 21st Where: Atlanta, Georgia It will change your…

Go BIG or Stay Home

  Life is too short to hang out in any situation that drains your energy. Go where the FUN is. Your time is precious not judicial. You get to chose how and where to spend your time. STOP going places or doing anyhting that does…

I am Denna Babul, and I am a fatherless daughter.

There was a time where saying the words, “I am a fatherless daughter” would have brought me to tears instantly. I lost my father twice. Once to divorce at the age of 3 and again at 13 when he died unexpectantly. His loss was the defining moment in my life. It was on the way home from his funeral that I felt a calling to become the Voice of Fatherless Daughters. It is not what I would have chosen as my life’s purpose, but the universe had other plans. To date, I have produced a documentary, co-written a book, and started a 501c3 to benefit fatherless daughters. In this next phase, The Fatherless Daughter Movement will offer coaching for both daughters and families alike, mentorship programs, courses, more books and an even bigger foot print to bring light to the very silent epidemic of fatherlessness around the world. 

I hope you’ll join me in the Fatherless Daughter Movement. We still have so much great work to do.

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