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"Denna Babul clears the pathway for life-changes and deep personal growth.”

Gabrielle Bernstein

Denna is a tough-love girlfriend everyone needs, but not everyone is lucky enough to have. With heart and humor she will tell you straight what role your early childhood messaging about relationships is playing in current your love misfortune-and then how to actually get past it once and for all. She is a God-send.”

Nicola Kraus, bestselling co-author of The Nanny Diaries


In Love Strong, Denna Babul’s groundbreaking methodology will take you through why you keep choosing the wrong guys, how those choices tie back to your family of origin, and how to shift your narrative to take your power back and learn to love strong. Whether you are single, divorced or on a sabbatical, she encourages women to take a step back and take inventory on how their past learned behaviors might be affecting their current relationships. She challenges women to see failed relationships as a mirror into what remains to be healed and use them as a springboard to bounce back with more clarity than ever to get the strong love they want and quit settling for the weak love they don’t.

Love Strong is the book I needed to read the moment I got into the dating world. Had I read it, I think Denna’s methodology would have saved me from encountering many heartbreaks along the way!

Jessica R.

I literally cannot wait to get my hands on Denna’s next book Love Strong. Her first book was a game changer for me. Through her teachings I have learned to trust my instincts, know my worth and to enforce my boundaries!

Victoria M.

When you have been hurt, it can be hard to trust yourself in love. You wonder if you even have the ability to pick a good partner anymore. Love Strong took me through my own history in relationships and showed me the places I needed to rethink and reframe. By the end of the book I seriously felt like I had experienced a rebirth. Now, I am ready to go get the love I want!

Monica G.



Denna D. Babul is an expert in the field of relationships. She is also an author, TV personality, sought after speaker, relationship coach, medical expert, Registered Nurse and the Founder of the Fatherless Daughter Movement. Denna is an award-winning author of The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives (Avery-Penguin-Random House 2016).

Denna has appeared on the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Sirius XM, Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy and many other media outlets. She has been featured in Time, Redbook, MamaGlow and countless other blogs, websites, and magazines. Denna is a member of Women in Film & Television Atlanta and The National Speakers Association of Georgia. She is a weekly contributor to NBC’s Atlanta and Company on Real Talk. She also has her own weekly show Keeping it Real with Denna on the UiMedia Network which can be found on Binge Network TV, iHeart Radio, Spreaker, iTunes, Talk 10FM, Facebook and You Tube. You can find her transformative courses, seminars, and more at

Her upcoming work includes her next book, Lead Strong. She is also writing her first script, The Coaches Wife, in her sleep.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children, Sophie Bleu and Weston Grey.

From large conferences to small private groups, Denna loves speaking at events, sharing her tools and forming relationships with people in the community. Learn more about how Denna can transform your next event into a meaningful and transformative encounter.

Girl! It is time for a reality check.

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