IMG_0592Are you one of those people who is scared to let go? Do you feel like you have to control everything in your power to ensure a certain outcome? Well, STOP!!! The universe has your back. Sometimes to get the outcome you ultimately want all you have to do is let yourself drift. One of the hardest things we all have to do in this world is BELIEVE. Believe that what we want can truly happen. Read more


I had the pleasure of attending one of Esther Hicks wildly popular events yesterday on the Law of Attraction. Her entire message is about looking forward in your life. Setting your intentions to align with your hearts desires. She is a master at holding her own positive frequency which allows her continue to attract what she wants and believes for herself in her life. I took a few notes to help you did into the vortex of receiving.

  1. Be receptive. Once an idea comes form a realization, the process is underway. Believe it will come.
  2. Fear about something means you have a differing opinion about it in your being. The feeling of fear arises when you are in complete opposition of what you hearts desires.
  3. You did not do all the work in your life to manifest failure. While in transition in the parts of your life that you really want, continue to believe. Stay in it. Wait for the reward. Don’t decide to fail in the middle before it can come to fruition. Believe it will. WOW! You may need to read this one again. It is a good one.
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