Wedding Jitters & Triggers: How a Fatherless Daughter Can Have a Joyful Wedding Season

You are engaged! It should be the time of your life, but for fatherless daughters, the joy is often overshadowed by the pain. You wonder: Who will walk me down the aisle? How will I pay for it? Will my fiance’s family judge me? How will I get through this monumental day in my life without completely losing it? Read more

Stand Up & Stand In: The top 10 Attributes of a kick-ass stand-in father

I get so many emails and inquiries from daughters and people who love them about not having a man they can trust in their lives. It absolutely breaks my heart. It makes me wonder…who is standing up and stepping up in their lives? Is there anyone available? Read more

Don’t Give Your Entire Self Away

Having a full, loyal and giving heart is an inherent trait for most fatherless daughters. As a fatherless daughter, it feels very natural to want to always give of yourself. You want to “be there” for everyone who needs you. Read more

Here is the Impact of Your Book…

Thank you so much for the Book “The Fatherless Daughter Project.” I am a Stand-In Father for Karina, age 21, whose mother used crystal meth amphetamines and alcohol during her pregnancy. Karina’s biological father has been completely non-existent in her life. Read more