New Year, New Feel Good Project

New Year, New Project!

I am so excited about my 2018 project. We are in the infancy stages of development right now, and I am so thrilled with where it is going. I am spending this weekend working on my vision board for the New Year. I have renewed energy and am ready to GO BIG or Go HOME!  Read more

City of Refuge Event

City of Refuge Event

I am so honored to be the featured speaker for the City of Refuge and Free Fabrik on Friday, December 7th 2018. With 20 years of experience and 20,000 lives transformed, City of Refuge is aleader in the business of social transformation. They partner with families and individuals in crisis just like we do at #The Fatherless Daughter Movement and our 501c3, #The Fatherless Daughter Project. I am looking for a beautiful night of healing amd sisterhood.

The Fatherless Daughter Movement Is Now Mentoring In Canada, Eh!


Help us welcome Mariel Yglesias our newest Fatherless Daughter Movement Mentor in the Sunshine Coast of Canada. If you are in the area and looking for a group of fatherless daughters to learn and heal from please contact Mariel. We are so unbelieveably thankful for all of the beautiful souls who step up to give their time and thier hearts to our cause.

A Fatherless Son’s Story

“I’m reading your book now and want to say thank you for writing it.. As a son who grew up with little to sometimes no fatherly contact, I without trying repeatedly formed friendships with males who had family situations similar to my own. My friendships and romantic partnerships with women have also largely been with fatherless daughters with only a few exceptions. I eventually discovered that the gift of not having a father around most of the time gave me the gift of becoming my own man in no one’s image. The road to reaching this realization has taken quite a bit of time to travel and has left a few battle scars, but each one has become a lesson learned. In an attempt to better understand the fatherless daughters I have known and still know in my life, I am also learning how I can be the type of man who can better support, comfort, and protect the hearts of these women who are tough on the outside and daddy’s little girl on the inside. And you’re right. a man needs a tough skin sometimes to be in this role, some advice I needed to hear a long time ago, but overall, fatherless daughters are some of the strongest, most loyal, most loving people there are and being there for them is a great gift indeed.” #fathers #fatherless #books #selfhelp #healing #tribe