Good Vibes Only

If you are like everyone else in the world sometimes you have bad vibes that circulate through that pretty little head of yours. When you have suffered major upset or trauma in your life you tend to worry a little more than say someone who has not. For instance, you may have anxiety that plays out in your head in the form of negative thoughts circulating around a certain situation. Perhaps they have merit or maybe they do not.

The good news is we can teach ourselves to change the negative landscape in our minds. All it takes is some practice. If you are tired of feeling bad or listening to those pesky bad vibes…I have a few activities that can help you kick the bad vibes to the curb once and for all:

  1. Decide that you have mind over matter: Make a stand. Say out loud, ” I am going to replace the negative track in my mind with a new good vibe loop.” Decide to change and commit to it.
  2. Practice…practice…practice: To change a habit takes anywhere from 21 to 66 days per the most recent studies. By committing to putting this into practice for a few months you can statistically change the morphology of what you internalize.
  3. Write down all of your negative thoughts: You may be surprised by all of the negative chatter going on in your head. For most people there is a specific time of day or action that kicks off the negative attacks. Perhaps it is first thing in the morning. Maybe as you wake up you are flooded with negative vibes about your current job, relationship or   the weight staring back at you from the scale. Get some sticky notes and write down every thought that comes to mind. Keep more blank sticky notes around for the remainder of the day writing down anything negative that pops into your head.
  4. Replace the BAD VIBES with GOOD VIBES: Now, get a red pen (because red means business, right!) and draw a line through each negative statement. Replace a positive affirmation on a new sticky note and place it on top of the old one. Example: Bad Vibe ( I am never going to have the love I want. I am not worth it. I am damaged goods.) Good Vibe (The right person is out there. He will accept and love me unconditionally. I can’t wait to meet him.)
  5. Don’t give up: Remember it takes time. Sure you may fall off the wagon and take a short detour to negative town, but remember…you CAN control your own thoughts. Feeling good about ourselves is something we should all commit to doing more of. The loudest voice you hear is our own. Time to tidy that inner voice up. Kick her into shape. Let her know that you are ready to change. She will be happy to come along for the ride.

Life is hard enough. In our climate today there are so many negative things coming at you. Knowing that YOU can take charge of how you treat yourself is money. It will change how you see yourself and how others view you. Good vibes bring on good energy. Where good energy flows your dreams can begin to take shape and come true.