HBO Theatre: Let’s Reimagine: Parentloss

Purpose: The Second Act of Loss

What a surreal moment to walk down the halls of HBO in NYC and into the theatre where a picture of you and your book are staring back at you from the screen. I was so moved to be part of such an excellent expert line up speaking on parent loss in NYC last week. I was joined by Cara Belvin of EMPOWERher, Hope Edelman of Motherless Daughters, Rebecca Soffer who co-wrote Modern Loss, Meghan O’Rourke who wrote The Long Goodbye, Cynthia Whipple who help found The Conversation: Stories that Matter, and so many more amazing people dedicating their lives to helping people through grief. What a rewarding experience!

New Segment: Friend to Friend on NBC

Friend to Friend

In today’s climate we need our friends more than ever. Why is it that women will go to couple’s therapy to heal an intimate relationship but won’t do the work to heal a friendship? I got to thinking about that question and decided to do something about it. I wrote a show and have started a segment on NBC’s Atlanta & Company to help other women understand their friendship issues better. If you have a friendship question you are seeking advice for email me at

To watch the first segment below:

The Fatherless Daughter Movement Tribe is in full effect

Book signing

My Fatherless Daughter Movement Tribe is the best! Thank you to all of the brave ladies that share their stories and continue to bestow their wisdom on all of us. You girls ROCK!

Campowerment is my new jam!

Camping is my jam!

Camping is my new jam! Campowerment is the beautiful sisterhood I never knew I was missing. We cried. We laughed. We ate. We healed. We learned. We bonded. Such a powerful experience. I never thought  I would say this, but screw the Ritz…I’d rather go to Campowerment.

Denna’s Book of the Month

Denna’s Book of the Month

I stumbled upon this book after watching Steve Job’s comencement speech at Standford. I was looking for inspiration for a leadership course and ended up coming across his daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs debut memoir. Coincidenally, it was Lisa, not her father who ended up inspiring me the most. I never tire of hearing stores of women who have turned their pain into power into purpose. This is a revealing read behind the doors of her infamous father’s rise to fame and their difficult father-daughter relationship along the way. Anyone who has hoped for a better realtionship with a parent will relate to her story.

Join me in NYC at the HBO Theatre


NYC Friends,
Join me OCT 29 & 30th in NYC for The Conversation: Stories that Matter as we discuss parent loss.
Losing a parent divides your life story into a Before and After. In The Conversation, people share their personal stories of surviving and using their loss as a springboard for a happy, fulfilled life.
The second annual Conversation: Stories that Matter – parent loss is a single-topic conversation series that highlights personal, honest stories from extraordinary speakers with unique stories to tell about parent loss at any age.
October 30th will feature notable bereavement experts as Hope Edelman, author of Motherless Daughters and Motherless Mothers, Denna Babul, founder of The Fatherless Daughters Project, and Allison Gilbert, journalist and author of Passed and Present. There will be a candid interview with one of the fathers featured in The Group: Seven Widowed Fathers Reimagine Life. Also, a moderated panel discussion will focus on how daughters and sons are defined, shaped, and inspired by a parent’s death. Click here for more information.

Wedding Vibes

Awesome time with family this past weekend celebrating Jeff & Shannon’s nuptials. It is always beautiful to witness two people cmmit themsleves to one another when you know it is the real deal. Cheers to happily ever after!

Denna’s Book Club Pick of the month!

Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief

My book club pick of the month is Claire Bidwell Smith’s latest book, “Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief.” This book has the answers to something I knew I always needed but could never figure out why. I lost my father at 13 and anxiety set in very quickly waking me up every morning to remind me that something tragic had happened to me. Although I have since learned techniques to quiet my mind and slow down my bodies fight or flight reaction, I still wake up many mornings with anxiety. As with loss, anxiety is rooted in pain and fear. Claire’s book holds the key to helping us to continue to understand what it means to grieve.



Do Daughters who have great relationships with their fathers have less depression?

Fatherless Daughters

Here I am right before a segment about fatherlessness at my weekly roundtable on NBC’s Atlanta & Company.

A recent study found that daughters who have great relationships with their fathers are at lower risk of developing depression and anxiety and are better at handing stress. You know I had a lot to add to this discussion on Atlanta & Company’s REAL TALK roundtable. While many fatherless daughters do battle depression at some point in their fatherless journey, many go on to live amazing lives once they understand how his absence has affected them. Listen here to hear the entire discussion from 4 women, 3 of whom are fatherless.



Join me in the Poconos for Campowerment September 21-24

The Poconos

JOIN ME IN THE POCONOS! Come see the retreat that Oprah, the Today Show and Forbes are all raving about!

This September 21-24th I am honored to be one of the speakers at Campowerment 

I will be speaking about healing from your past and turning your pain into power. Get to know the full ExCpert line-up of their 22nd women’s weekend, in the Pocono Mountains. To register to #ReigniteYourLife with us, pronto: