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Read Denna’s article about giving a voice to daughters needing healing on Mama Glow. She talks about becoming friends with Karin Luise and how having daughters of their own affected how they viewed their own childhoods.

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Interview with Kokoa Magazine

kokoa magazine logoKokoa Magazine is a lifestyle site for the people with articles focused on food, kids, lifestyle, and business. Their Editor in Chief is a fatherless daughter and did a great interview with Denna and Karin. Read it here!


How to Find Your Freedom and Purpose with Dana Spinola

IMG_5767Dana Spinola, Founder and CEO of fab’rik, visits with Keeping It Real With Denna to discuss how she broke free to find her freedom and purpose in life.

Long-time friends, Denna and Dana take a stroll down memory lane for some good laughs and life lessons. You’ll get to know Dana on a personal level and find out why she left her lucrative job in corporate America to start her own clothing store, fab’rik. You’ll even hear the story of how she managed to build the chic and trendy boutique from the ground up and how she manages to run the empire while raising four children. Today, fab’rik has multiple locations around the U.S. and the company is only continuing to expand and grow.

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2016 On Purpose Conference!

clemson3Come and join us at the 2016 On Purpose Conference” this Friday, February 26th at the W Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. I will be speaking on purpose. Of course, my purpose is to be the voice for fatherless daughters all over the world.

I will also be speaking the following day on Saturday, February 27th in Athens, Georgia at the one year anniversary for The Wish Dish.”

Come and join us!

The Fatherless Daughter Project is in FULL EFFECT!

IMG_1091On February 16, 1984, my dad was killed. I usually dread this time of year, but this year is different. It is different, because the countdown to our book release is happening now. The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives will hit stands on June 7, 2016, right before Father’s Day.

I have felt called to be the voice of fatherless since I was 13 years old. It will have taken 32 years to see my purpose come to fruition on bookstands, but every moment was worth this wait. It is my heart’s biggest desire to see this book act as a guide for fatherless daughters from every walk of life. It is what I wish I had as a daughter growing up without her father. Read more

Are You Heart Healthy?

Because I started my life off as a Registered Nurse, I can’t help but want to educate people around health. February is heart health month. Thereis a myth that heart disease mainly effects men, but the truth is 1 in 3 women die from heart disease each year.

We have come a very long way in the fight against breast cancer. I commend all of our strides in bringing this disease to the forefront, but the fact is, heart disease is robbing us from our families at a much faster rate. It is a silent epidemic in women. Read more

Give and Take

Do you know someone who is hurting and in turn hurting you too? Sometimes friends or family can become self-absorbed or stuck in the victim role because they just need more…more love…more time… and even more understanding during a painful season in their lives.

If you are at a healthy point in your life, the universe me be drawing on you to give more of yourself to someone in need. Being selfless is a lesson only learned by experience. Givers have been takers, and takers will undoubtably be called on to give.

Lead with grace. Give back what was once given to you. The universe will thank you for it.


IMG_0326Where does the time go? My sweet little Sophie turns 5 this week. I can hardly believe that it has been 5 years since she came kicking into this world. Seeing this picture reminds me of just how precious life is. We have to remember to get off the roller coaster and just be. Be with the one’s we love. Work will always be there, but our time to make an impression on our children is fleeting. Choose where and how you spend your time with your heart. Do what you love, and love the one’s you are with. Being unsettled is just as bad as settling. Get in alignment with what makes you feel good. When you do, all of your time will have meaning.


Do you feel like you are flying down two lanes in your life and wonder when you will actually be able to slow down? I feel you! If you are called to do purposeful workIMG_0986 in your life, but your real 9 to 5 is taking up most of your time…slow down. Take a deep breath. Be grateful for all that you have. Your life is getting ready for the BIG stage.

God knows your heart, and your purpose. He put it there. He has plans for you to share it.

A smooth landing is on the horizon.






Podcast Series 2-The Modern Era Mistress: Online Infedility and Sex Addiction

DennaPodcastTuesday. 6p.m. What are you usually doing? Washing dishes? Searching the web? Plucking your eyebrows? All of these are boring, right?

Well, not anymore! It is time to spice it up by listening to my new podcast instead. It is equal parts raw and real. We are having a blast attempting to solve the world’s problems one guest at a time. Check out the brand new episodes of Keeping It Real With Denna on iTunes, YouTube or SoundCloud. Read more