What Do You And Mother Teresa Have In Common?

<FullSizeRender.jpg>I have always been drawn to Mother Teresa. For whatever reason I felt a kingship to her from an early age. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I realized why… She was a fatherless daughter. She lost her father when she was a mere 8 years old. By the age of 12 she committed her life to helping others. By the age of 13 my father had died, and I, too, committed myself to helping others as the voice for fatherless daughters all over the world. Read more

Fatherless Daughter Master Class Project 1

masterclassWe are thrilled to be gathering our tribe for our first ever Master Class in Atlanta, October 14-16th. I have waited for close to thirty years to see this type of retreat come to fruition. Losing my father at the age of 13 was the defining moment in my life. I searched for years to find meaning in his absence and a tribe who could get me. When I could not find my tribe, I decided to start one of my own! Read more

Is Fatherlessness Making You Sick? 5 Ways to Take Back Your Health














According to the American Psychological Association, one-third of Americans say they have had an illness they believed was primarily brought on by stress. Read more

Keeping It Real Review: Growing Up & Learning to Live with the Mind of a Medium

JamieAnd our Keeping It Real with Denna review continues! This series consists of some of our favorite episodes so far. You just might be surprised at what you learn listening a second time around.

Natural-born Medium Jamie Butler returns to Keeping It Real with Denna and opens up about growing up with her gift, learning to live with it, and deciding to make it her life’s calling. Read more

You GROW Girl!

Take a minute today to be proud of your growth. You have come a very long way. It is important to celebrate you. Your growth. Your heart. Your strength. Take some time today to marvel at your own accomplishments. You made them happen. Yes, YOU! Self talk can be powerful. Remind yourself of what a force of nature you are. Remind yourself just how full of love and life you are. Remind yourself what you are capable of. Read more

5 Ways to Know if Your Pain is Your Purpose

God speaks to me.

It started when I was just 13-years-old on the way home from my father’s funeral. In fact, we got into an argument. Well, to be completely honest, I really just let God have it. Read more

Read our story on Redbook Online


We recently chatted with Redbook Online about how growing up without a father made us the women we are today. Find out more about “The Lying, Cheating Asshole” and “Leave Steve” techniques here!

How Women Who Grow Up Without a Father are Different: From Pain to Power to Purpose

With Father’s Day upon us, daughters of all ages are preparing to celebrate their fathers and all they have done to positively impact their lives.

But what about the daughters who do not have fathers present in their lives? How does life play out when paternal protection, support and resources are missing from her life? Is she significantly impacted? We believe she is. Read more

How I Went From Fatherlessness to Fearless

Denna BabulFrom fatherless to forgiveness and from forgiveness to fearless is how I would personally describe my survival story. My father was murdered when I was 13-years-old. We have no idea who was responsible for his death or even why someone would have committed such a heinous act of violence. Read more