“The Fatherless Daughter Project is a soulful guide to overcoming pain and loss. This book clears the pathway for life-changing recovery and deep personal growth.”

Gabrielle Bernstein | New York Times-bestselling author of Miracles Now

“With interesting personal stories woven throughout, fatherless daughters will find this to be a supportive and encouraging guidebook to reclaiming their lives and healing their wounds.”

Publishers Weekly

"This brilliant book provides solace and deep insight, and will give enormous comfort to any woman who has lost this important figure in her life.”

Claire Bidwell Smith Author of The Rules of Inheritance and After This

At this moment, tens of millions fatherless daughters of all ages are struggling to make these same life-enhancing choices for self-survival and success. Losing her father can impede a woman’s emotional and relational development – that’s tough to overcome.

She may be an overachiever, but fail miserably—and repeatedly—in love. She may not even know what a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a partner looks like. She may have already succumbed to addictive behaviors to mask the pain, or perhaps her need for control makes her panic and keep pushing the eject button at the first hint of trouble in a relationship. That can destroy even a good marriage.

Fathers disappear from their daughters’ lives because of death, divorce, geography, abandonment, emotional absence, incarceration, addiction, or abuse. Whenever you talk about the pressure points where families shatter and break, you’re entering treacherous emotional terrain. They go there with our reader. They also bring along a deep well of compassion, knowledge, and insight so she can finally understand why some big pieces of her life have still not come together in the way she desperately wants them to.

The book focuses on things that every fatherless daughter should know about herself, from why she picks the men she does to how the specific circumstances of her father loss play out in her life … and so much more that will make you laugh, cry and think deeply about who you are and how amazing you really can be.

Through stories from celebrities to the girl next door, they combine other fatherless daughters’ experiences with research and our own insight to guide women to live triumphant lives. Your past does not define your future.

About the author.

“Losing my father was the defining moment in my life. I wrote the Fatherless Daughter Project not because of what happened to my father but because of what happened to me because I did not have my father.”

Denna D. Babul is an expert in the field of relationships. She is also an author, TV personality, sought after speaker, relationship coach, medical expert, Registered Nurse and the Founder of the Fatherless Daughter Movement. Denna is an award-winning author of The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives (Avery-Penguin-Random House 2016).

Denna has appeared on the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Sirius XM, Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy and many other media outlets. She has been featured in Time, Redbook, MamaGlow and countless other blogs, websites, and magazines. Denna is a member of Women in Film & Television Atlanta and The National Speakers Association of Georgia. She is a weekly contributor to NBC’s Atlanta and Company on Real Talk. She also has her own weekly show Keeping it Real with Denna on the UiMedia Network which can be found on Binge Network TV, iHeart Radio, Spreaker, iTunes, Talk 10FM, Facebook and You Tube. You can find her transformative courses, seminars, and more at DennaBabul.com.

Her upcoming work includes her next book, Lead Strong. She is also writing her first script, The Coaches Wife, in her sleep.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children, Sophie Bleu and Weston Grey.

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