Thank you so much for the Book “The Fatherless Daughter Project.” I am a Stand-In Father for Karina, age 21, whose mother used crystal meth amphetamines and alcohol during her pregnancy. Karina’s biological father has been completely non-existent in her life.
HERE IS THE IMPACT OF YOUR BOOK: When I met Karina last year she was unapproachable, angry most of the time, and had no problem telling me how much she hated men. She could not talk about her biological father or other male figures in her life without getting really angry and nasty about it. After patiently applying some of the principles and techniques described in your book my relationship with Karina has become so much stronger and more comfortable for her. 

Recently, after helping Karina get through a very serious personal crisis, she asked me why I went the extra mile to help her even though she wasn’t my biological daughter. I responded by letting her know that she was entitled to view our relationship any way she wanted, but that I would be looking upon her as my daughter and be treating her as such. A father goes the extra mile for his daughters. My own biological daughter Danielle even told Karina that she could “borrow” me for as long as she needed me. Recently I received this text from Karina: ” U know I love you right. Thank u for all ur support n love. Thank u for accepting me.” All Karina has ever needed was someone to care and give her hope. Now that she has those things she is beginning to move forward.

The impact on myself and Karina has been so profound I am in the process of starting a support group using your book and it’s contents as subject material. To learn about me you can visit

Thanks again. Your book is having a tremendous effect in the lives of those who have remained silent for too long.


Roy Cullin