I unwillingly became fatherless at 27 years old. My Dad passed away peacefully, holding my hand from heart failure. I am thankfully and humbly the definition of a “Daddy’s girl.”

My Dad showed me how to love, and be loved from a very young age. He was nurturing, patient, expressive and always present in my life. He gave me confidence, endless laughter and so much comfort. We spoke every day, sometimes twice a day. He did anything and everything to encourage me and support me. We had a very unique relationship, one that I am forever fortunate to have known.

After losing my sweet Dad, I woke up each day with the intent to not “lose myself.” Easier said than done. A part of my heart is in heaven, and I was left here to figure out how to move forward. I’ve realized I do this every moment of every day, with tears some days and some days not. I started seeing a grief counselor soon after his death which helped me understand my rollercoaster emotions.

My strength is found in Christ, my husband, my friends and my family. I feel my Dad’s love living in me, it gives me great peace and motivation to love and live life to the fullest. God has never forsaken me, and he will not forsake you…