MelRoInspirational speaker, children’s advocate, former foster youth, and professional model Melissa Roshan, or better known as MelRo, joins Keeping It Real With Denna to discuss growing up in foster care and how she overcame all odds to become the success she is today.

Born into the foster care system, MelRo opens up about her life’s journey and why she felt she was always at a deficit. Her mom had her at the very young age of 13, so you can imagine all the trials and tribulations she encountered and had to overcome as a child. By the time she was 14 years old, she had already lived in 23 different foster homes. Despite all the hardships, MelRo persevered. She says, “You have to realize the things that happened to you have also happened for you.” Learn more about her journey and find out how she found the strength to survive.

Be sure to tune in next week to learn more about where MelRo has been and where she’s going. She’ll talk more about the foster care system, and why she decided to make child avocation part of her life’s work.

MelRoAbout the Guest

As unique as her name, MelRo is an uncommon talent who has modeled internationally for over 15 years.  Her work has been seen on magazine covers, billboards, print ads, national commercials, and runways. But what this respected models most proud of is owning the title of Survivor.
From the days of her tumultuous childhood spent in the foster care system, MelRo knew she was meant for more than the abuse she faced sometimes on a daily basis. Vowing to overcome, she not only later embarked on her own journey toward healing, but also became committed to encouraging others rise from their painful pasts. Today she continues to model, but has recently been named as the National Spokeswoman for Children’s Rights -a federal agency that uses the law to protect abused, and neglected children.  She is involved with several international campaigns that benefit foster-children, and works tirelessly as a full-time advocate for foster-children.  Most recently, her, and her teenage son’s story about him taking her to prom went viral.  Millions were not only blessed by his kind gesture, but also her journey through the foster care system.

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