fearsWhen life gets overwhelming it is easy to feed your fears.

It can seem like a never ending battle when you are trying to get your life in order. The psyche is a powerful thing. It has the ability to keep what you are thinking (both good & bad) in a constant rotation playing over and over in our brain. Simply put…you are what you think. Don’t feed the fears. The best way to shut down fear is to get into action. Every time you have a negative thought write it down. Beside it, write down an action item that will cross out that fear. For example, if you think, I will never find love. Change it to, I am working on myself and love will find me when I am ready. Begin to change your mental rotation to reflect your new acti
on item. Beforelong you will be crossing through all of those old fearful thought patterns and replacing them with loving thoughts. Your fears will start to diminish and your life will start to take shape in a beautiful way.