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I spent years as a young woman without my father in my life and suffered greatly for it. I had no idea how it would affect my all of my life choices, especially with men. This book helped me understand why. I so wish I had had it as a resource and source of encouragement during that time. I encourage any woman who has also suffered the absence of her father–for whatever reason and forever how long–to read this important book to understand your loss and reclaim YOUR life!
5.0 out of 5 starsbook_smVery Enlightening., May 5, 2016
This review is from: The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives (Hardcover)
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This book helped me understand a lot about myself. There were certain qualities about myself that I just recently started becoming aware of and this book explained the sources of those personality traits to me. The book covers the various ways daughters can become “fatherless”. From divorce, abandonment, death, etc. And the ways those ways of becoming fatherless affect the daughters. In my case, I was particularly interested in how the divorce, leaving for other women, type of becoming “fatherless” affected the daughters. And I have to say, their research seems to be rather accurate. As I can vouch for some of the feelings they describe. Particularly, the notion that one has to understand that “he’s not not there because of you. He’s not there because of what’s going on with him.” I also was impacted by the notion where Julia undergoes counseling and realized that “letting go of the resentment that trapped me for so many years gave me the freedom to find my true calling.” As I’ve undergone career changes, as well. I could also understand the testimony of Rebecca were she describes how her brother and she “lived between two different lifestyles”, the one being more affluent than the other. And I think especially for me, I have definitely experienced the the thoughts of being “bound and determined not to repeat the same mistakes as their parents. They will do just about anything not to re-experience the pain of abandonment.” And I have to admit, I share the traits they talk about in daughters of divorced Dads when they talk about how they are the most critical of their fathers, the feelings of abandonments are overreaching and linger well into adulthood, and they have more defiant behavior towards authority. I’m famous for not being overwhelmed by authority in school and work situations, a quality I have to admit, which I like! When they describe how in the workplace they have trouble taking direction because they have directed themselves for so long, I realized I had that trait. And I also noticed that the natural-born leaders, effective problem solvers, and loyal to a fault characteristics apply to me, as well. And I was especially taken aback by the revelation that anger is one of the hallmark emotions of daughters who have dads who left by choice. As, I’ve realized that I have a lot of repressed anger, that I’m just now learning to release. Without rewriting the whole book on here, let it suffice, that this book revealed aspects of my personality to me and clarified many of my emotions that no other book has ever done. Just from my own experience in reading this book, I think their research is going to be very beneficial for many “fatherless” daughters and any reader who wishes to understand them.

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If you have lost your father, GET THIS BOOK! Get multiple books, for yourself & gifts for your fatherless girlfriends. No matter how/when you lost him, (death, divorce, emotional withdraw, abuse, neglect, before birth, recently or many many years ago) this book is a must read. It is elegantly written and extremely spot on about the difficulties/challenges losing a father intakes. It is also eye opening how an amazing “sisterhood” that being a fatherless daughter is. I laughed and I cried and I am healing a wound that is 25 years old. To all my “sisters” out there, We can heal and we can unite! This book is the perfect start to your journey of true healing. I wish I could give it 6 stars!