MistyKeeping It Real with Denna hosts Misty Clare-Sumerrall for her official coming out party as an intuitive. Join host Denna Babul, natural-born medium Jamie Butler and clairvoyant and clairsentient Laura Boone as they embrace Misty and her gifts.

Denna, Misty, Jamie and Laura are having a party, and you’re invited! In this final episode of the Inside the Mind of a Medium series, join all four ladies as they celebrate Misty’s coming out party as an intuitive. Misty describes what life was like growing up and living with a number of medical problems including Scoliosis and Hashimoto’s disease. She’ll explain how years of feeling misunderstood and failing to express her true self affected her physically. It wasn’t until Misty found the strength and courage to speak out and embrace her gifts that she found true healing.

Tune in next week for our brand new series and exclusive all guys panel. Married or Single: Who Has It Better? will get up close and personal with young 20-something, Blake Smith, husband of host Denna Babul, Jon Babul, and divorced and single, dad of 3 girls, Tyler Bullock. Ladies, you won’t want to miss this…

Blake Smith, Account Manager Finance and Accounting of Stone Resource Group

Jon Babul, Basketball Development & Community Sports Programs Director, Atlanta Hawks

Tyler Bullock, Medical Device Executive of Abbott Vascular

Misty and LauraAbout the Guests

Misty Clare-Sumerrall

Misty Clare-Sumerrall is the owner of Temple Beautiful where her focus lies in the mind/body/ beauty connection. She finds great joy as a wife, mother and grandmother. For 15 years, she’s taught people how to bring light and energy to their life journey by providing them with the appropriate tools to lift their vibrations through Reiki, meditation, cleansing, nutrition and aqui chi. She became aware of her gift of intuition as a child, but it wasn’t until she experienced a series of health issues and heartaches in her 30’s and 40’s that she welcomed an accelerated consciousness allowing her to temper that gift. She’s spent countless hours of research furthering her knowledge and deepening her connection with God. Her passion is helping others evolve into the beautiful beings of light that Spirit intended them to be. Her kind soul and loving knowledge continue to serve and guide those around her.

Laura Boone

Laura Boone is a clairvoyant and clairsentient who employs astrology and tarot in her intuitive readings with clients. After working with clients for over 25 years, Laura has created a unique one-on-one session experience that utilizes her psychic gifts augmented by the symbols and timing of Tarot and Astrology. These sessions are transpersonal, psychological, and help clients realize more clarity regarding their soul’s journey. Specific questions are addressed regarding career, relationships, health and personal mission.

Denna and MistyLaura is the co-founder and principal of turnerboone, a full- service Haworth commercial furniture dealership. She has been an Atlanta native since 1993.

Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler is natural born Medium, media-personality and author. Jamie is a wholeness expert and the author of With Love and Light: a true story about an uncommon gift. She is the founder of The Center for Love and Light and co-founder of The Love and Light Institute, connecting the mind, body, emotion and soul to cultivate the potential from within. Her latest endeavor is The Lighter Side Show with Jamie Butler, a weekly podcast that encourages learning truths through humor while letting go of learned behavior.

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A Coming Out Party for a Medium