After taking Denna’s 6 week relationship course, I feel like a different person. I have learned so much about myself. Like why I choose the men I choose, the patterns I’m repeating in the men I choose, what triggers my emotions in different situations, and how I can grow moving forward in my journey to find love.

I am more hopeful than ever that my mate is out there waiting for me, the man God chose just for me. All this time I believed I was ready, but just kept picking men who weren’t. Come to find out, I’m the one that’s not ready. And like Denna says, I will not attract the man meant for me, until I’m ready to be the woman meant for him. I can now see how my past has affected every relationship I’ve ever been in. And until taking this course, I’m not sure I ever would have learned about my relationship patterns or how to change them going forward. I think anyone would benefit from this course that’s struggling to find love. You’ve got to start from square one. For the first time ever, I’m excited for my future and the love that’s out there waiting for me. ❤️

I love me some Jenni! She is a wonderful client and someone I have utterly loved watching grow. And wouldn’t you know it…her ex, the one that caused her so many emotional gymnastics is trying to get back into the picture now.

It is funny how the universe has your back when you raise your emotional vibration.