Should We Break up or Make up…that is the question!

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out if you should break up or make up with your current partner? If so, you are not alone. Many women vacillate between two extremes when they love someone who is not quite right for them. They tend to fall in love with a person’s potential verus the actual person and that potential can lead us astray.

Here are a few check points to see if you should stay or go.


  • You feel accepted and loved
  • Your friends and family like the two of you together
  • Your conflicts provide resolution in a timely, healthy manner
  • You have the same life goals and working towards them together
  • You can be yourself
  • You can grow together
  • You feel protected
  • You feel happy when you are togehter


  • You are trying to mold into something that will fit with their view of love
  • You do not feel loved or accepted
  • You have conflicts that never find true resolution
  • You ignore internal warning signs
  • You fear being alone
  • You break up and semi make up on the regular
  • Jealousy or fear are a big part of your union
  • You are unhappy

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Because life is too short to be with the wrong person.