Denna and Amy New Author Amy Pecic returns to Keeping It Real with Denna and continues to discuss how bullying affected her life as a teen and an adult. Amy walk us through the rest of high school and college years and on into her dating life.

And the conversation on bullying continues with Denna and Amy diving into her life as a teen in high school and young adult in college. Learn what it was like for Amy to go to an all-girls boarding school, and find out how she slowly started to gain confidence through different teenage experiences. It was at this point Amy really developed her personality and gained storytelling skills which she would eventually develop into a career. She’ll walk you through the continued bullying through her transition to college and dating life afterwards. Find out how Build a Bear, clowns, and even Oprah played a role in her dating life. You won’t believe some of the stories she’ll spill!

In the final episode, Amy celebrates her life now after overcoming this life time of bullying. She looks forward to finishing her book and helping others struggling with this same abuse.

About the Guest

Amy Pecic

Amy Pecic is currently a writer and public relations consultant. Her professional background includes over 20 years in sales, business development and public relations. She’s worked with clients at some of the largest media networks, publishing companies and advertising agencies across the Southeast, Midwest & South Central United States. In the fall of 2013, Amy moved to London, England to join her husband, and enjoyed the opportunity to explore Europe extensively. Although she loved living abroad and experiencing different cultures, she’s learned there’s no place like home. She and her husband have relocated back to Atlanta, and she now is a contributing writing with In addition, she will be consulting with a PR Tech firm within the coming months.

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