Should You Keep Him or Get Rid of Him?

Should You Keep Him?


I get asked all of the time about relationships. What makes a good one, and what makes a bad one? As a women, your father plays a huge part in who you choose to love and why. If you were raised with a doting father you may have the same expectations in a partner, whereas if you were raised with a father who was emotionally handicapped, or checked out, you may stumble through relationships wondering if they are good enough to stay or bad enough to go?  The facts are, you may not be fully equipped to know. Relationship patterns start to develop in childhood. By adulthood, you are so programmed to continue making the pattern that you sometimes can’t see the pattern for what it is. So, to make it easy on you I decided to share with you my top 10 reasons to stay in a relationship, AND my top 10 reasons to get out of one!

10 Reasons to Stay:

  • You can be yourself around him
  • He is loyal and accepts you even when you mess up
  • He loves you and shows you in they way he treats you
  • He trusts you and your judgement
  • He dreams with you and encourages you to go after your goals
  • He makes you laugh
  • He puts your needs ahead of his own in your time of need
  • He shares you with his friends and family
  • You can resolve conflict in an easy and loving way
  • He is passionate about his own life and dreams

10 Reasons to Get Out:

  • He is irresponsible
  • He is untrustworthy
  • He is not sincere and your friends have tipped you off 
  • He lacks self-esteem 
  • He is dishonest
  • He lacks adaptability 
  • He is jealous to a fault
  • He lacks commitment in all areas of his life
  • He is verbally, emotionally or physically abusive
  • You have to change who you are to fit into his mold

Ladies, we have all kissed some frogs and stayed in relationships that were just not stellar. Don’t be ashamed-just learn from it. Don’t keep going back to something that is not right. The right relationship should bring you peace, love and happiness. It is okay to realize that you may have some work to do. Don’t we all? Take this list as a sign of if you are in the right relationship or not. If the same issues keep popping up and interfering with you getting the love you want, STOP and PAY ATTENTION.

Take a look at the list above again.

I am not saying this is the gospel, but I am saying it is pretty darn close.