Get ready for a Keeping It Real with Denna review! This series will consist of some of our favorite episodes so far. You just might be surprised at what you learn listening a second time around.

Dana Spinola, Founder and CEO of fab’rik, visits with Keeping It Real With Denna to discuss how she broke free to find her freedom and purpose in life.

Long-time friends, Denna and Dana take a stroll down memory lane for some good laughs and life lessons. You’ll get to know Dana on a personal level and find out why she left her lucrative job in corporate America to start her own clothing store, fab’rik. You’ll even hear the story of how she managed to build the chic and trendy boutique from the ground up and how she manages to run the empire while raising four children. Today, fab’rik has multiple locations around the U.S. and the company is only continuing to expand and grow.

Be sure to tune in to the next two episodes to find out why Dana started her nonprofit, free fab’rik, and what tips and tricks Dana believes you need to be success in running your own business. One piece of advice Dana has, “Dream with a plan.”

About the Guest

DanaSpinolaIt was one part vision and two parts passion that brought founder and CEO, Dana Spinola, to leave corporate America to pursue her dream of owning a clothing boutique. Her vision was a boutique where everyone could afford to feel beautiful which meant high style with heart, no attitude or sticker shock. Her concept of fashion under $100 without sacrificing quality and ensuring priceless, first class customer service has paved the way for fab’rik’s success.

For Dana, giving back is just as important as leading this company. She founded free fab’rik, a nonprofit organization that provides free shopping sprees for girls who need it most. Weekly, her team and volunteers visit safe houses to minister to the girls and host a fashion show. The mission is much more about the conversations had and confidence built during those sprees, as Dana truly believes clothing can changes lives! While she sits at the head of both the franchise and nonprofit, her most challenging yet rewarding job is being mom to her four children – three boys and a beautiful daughter she and her family adopted in 2014.

Somehow, she does it all…with integrity and passion.

It is with that integrity and passion that Dana began franchising fab’rik in 2006, with the hope of allowing others the opportunity to live out their dream of having their own boutique. Now, in just 14 years since it all began there are over 40 locations nationwide, making fab’rik a leading fashion franchise. In joining the fab’rik family, you not only enjoy the benefit of chasing your dreams, but also the benefit of having a corporate team who has done it all, and a network of other owners who share the same passion and mission as you – to make our stores as successful as we possibly can.


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How to Find Your Freedom and Purpose with Dana Spinola