New Year, New Project!

I am so excited about my 2018 project. We are in the infancy stages of development right now, and I am so thrilled with where it is going. I am spending this weekend working on my vision board for the New Year. I have renewed energy and am ready to GO BIG or Go HOME! 

Vision boards have been a part of my life since, well…Oprah showed us hers. Putting one together is a simple, fun process. I use my trusty old bulletin board to display all of my visions front and center in my office. I hope this year you will find a dream that rings a bell, connects and inspires you. If you want to do your own vision board here is my process:

  • Get some magazines and cut out any pictures that speak to you
  • Cut out words that inspire you too
  • Choose a peice of stationary or copy paper and write down all of your goals
  • Use defining words, like: I will write my next book
  • Make a story on your board using all of the above
  • Use tape or thumb tacks to display your vision
  • Go BIG or Go Home (this is your dream board.. put it all on there)
  • Place it somewhere front and center where you can visualize it every day
  • Spend some time each day seeing your vision as if it is already in existence
  • Plan your work and work your vision plan
  • You have to focus on it every single day with both your thoughts and your actions
  • Be prepared to be amazed

Just yesterday I pulled mine out my vision board from 2017. I marked off 5 dreams that came to fruition this year alone. I can’t tell you the satisfaction that comes with seeing your dreams become your reality. It is powerful. I am sending 2017 off with so much appreciatioon for all that I have accomplished.

I am walking into 2018 focused and ready to help others on an even bigger scale. Many years ago I realized my life was one of service. I am blessed to be living my dream of helping others with my words, my heart & my creativity. I welcome any and all opportunity to continue to bring people together in the years to come.

Happy New Year.

2018 is going to be EPIC!