IMG_5735Andi Hill, author of the “Screaming for Eden” blog, and Jan O’Shaughnessy, author of “The Shitty Housewife” blog, join Keeping It Real with Denna to discuss the laughs and challenges of married and single life.

Denna gets up close and personal in Andi and Jan’s experiences both in and out of relationships. Thirty, flirty and thriving Andi Hill reveals some of the most awkward and funny experiences she’s had on dates. Then, Jan O’Shaughnessy tells all- the good, the bad, and the shitty reality of married life. You’ll just have to listen for yourself to find out who really “has it better.”

The next two episodes will dive deeper into each woman’s blogs, why they started them, and how they’ve used them as a reckoning force for other women dealing with some of the same issues.

About the Guests

Andi HillAndi Hill is a single, 30-something publicist and founder of the blog, Screaming for Eden, where she bravely shares tales of topics others are often afraid to talk about, such as her struggle with depression/anxiety, rejection, loss and regret — but never without a glimmer of hope.

Her purpose is to empathize with others and open conversations about topics that people often struggle with in the dark. When not trotting the town touting her clients or escaping to the beach, you can find her spending quiet evenings in with friends, champagne, chic flicks and her toy poodle, Juliet.

JanAn Atlanta transplant born in California, Jan O’Shaughnessy is no less a ray of light than the Golden Coast that raised her. Formerly a professed, “single lady,” and hairstylist-turned-pet-sitter, she quickly found herself in love with her Irish/Bostonian husband, Matt, and their three “surprise” children: Viviane, Kellen and Cameron.

After marrying Halloween night of 2015 in black and white ruffles with her beloved bridesmaids in white (after all, ‘the jig was up!’), she naturally walked down the aisle to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” As founder of the blog, “The Shitty Housewife.” Jan shares hilarious tales and “fails” of being a wife and mother with her motto, “I try. I really do.” When not tripping over toys or admitting to her “Shittiest Move of the Week,” you can find her studying as a full-time student with a baby on one hip and a Miller High Life in the other, or donating time to her favorite animal-related causes and embracing all things “weird.” Her goal is to let other moms know it’s OK to just be OK.

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Married or Single, Who Has It Better?