Kate and DennaThis week actress, TV host, voice over talent, and live emcee Kate Lord visits with Keeping It Real with Denna to discuss how she found herself in the midst of loss. The two women discuss the story of Kate losing both her parents and how she used these experiences to find purpose in her life.

Get to know Kate as she opens up about her life’s work. Today, she’s employed as an actress and TV host who prides herself on telling stories of substance. Kate feels everybody has a story and its what you do with your story and experiences that either grows you or halts you. For Kate, her hope is that her story not only helps to grow her, but also grow and help other people. She’ll walk you through her childhood relationship with her father and his sudden suicide. You’ll learn how she dealt with losing him and how she found a way to heal.

Next week, Kate’s story continues. She’ll discuss losing her mother to cancer and how she worked to find healing after losing both parents back to back. Make sure you tune in to learn how Kate decided to use her story as a driving force in order to live in purpose and find the greater good.

About the Guest Kate

Kate Lord

As a working actor & on-camera talent, Kate Lord inspires, first by believing in people; second, knowing their stories; and lastly, relaying those stories to a live audience or through a studio camera lens, inspiring positive life change.

As a “60mph woman”, yes that is how fast Kate can throw a baseball, she uses her former athletic skills of hustle, muscle memory, collaboration, & competitiveness to champion the best out of herself & others when telling stories of substance in the arena of film, entertainment, sports, music, and pop culture.

Kate’s work has been featured on The Travel Channel, ABC, CBS, Lifetime, Bravo Channel, Improv Everywhere, Adult Swim, The Vampire Diaries, and Atlanta based boutiques, billboards, and print ads.

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