Stand Up & Stand In: The top 10 Attributes of a kick-ass stand-in father

I get so many emails and inquiries from daughters and people who love them about not having a man they can trust in their lives. It absolutely breaks my heart. It makes me wonder…who is standing up and stepping up in their lives? Is there anyone available?
A mentor, family friend or another family member might be just what your sweet daughter needs. I made a video in my lessons series about this very important subject. If you want to hear it in its entirety simply go to videos on this site or It will pop right up for you.

If you are at work and can’t take a listen, here are the highlights.

Top 1o Attributes for a Kick-Ass Stand-In Father Figure

  • Someone who leads by example
  • Someone who spends valuable time with her
  • Someone who accepts where she is in her life and why
  • Someone who is deeply supportive
  • Someone who is committed to her
  • Someone who is a good teacher
  • Someone who protects her
  • Someone who values her feelings and opinions
  • Someone who loves her unconditionally
  • Someone who sticks to his word

I would like to thank all of the amazing men out there standing in. We need you!