Sophia Amoruso


What a delight to meet Sophia Amoruso this weekend in LA. She is the epitome of a survivor! We are also twining in the name game. Her mother’s name is Denna and my daughter’s name is Sophia. Must be cosmic.

I never tire if seeing women on the top of their game. She created NastyGal out of an Ebay store, dealt with bankruptcy, went through a divorce only to create something even more powerful in Girlboss.

She is a walking reminder that there is more than one BIG thing in our lives. When you fall down you get back up. When you belive in yourself you can create anything. She is pure power.



This weekend I was in the front row of the @girlbossrally in LA where I got to listen to Gwyneth Paltrow talk about starting her company… Goop! She is obviosuly beautiful, but her business game is where it is really at. She is full of spunk, oozing with charisma and taking the business world by storm. I left feeling extremely inspired and reminding myself to get back to doing the Tracey Anderson method. Her legs were insane!