Toss Out!

    • Jealousy. Because it is tired and serves no purpose in your kick-ass 2017 plans.
    • Being a victim of your past. It is so 2016 and YOU can CHANGE that.
    • Self-doubt. Yes, it is normal to feel that way sometimes-just don’t make it your identity.

  • Resistance. There is something you should be doing but aren’t. Do it!
  • Criticizing others who have what you want. It says more about you than them.
  • Fear of failure. Guess what? Everything is not in your wheel house. Who cares. Try it anyway.
  • Not being your authentic badass self. You were made to perfection. Really.
  • Hanging out with low energy, unfulfilled peeps. You are ready to raise your vibration! (I am trying desperately not to sing Marky Mark’s ‘Good Vibrations’ here.)
  • Using the BOOMERANG feature on Instagram. No reason required.

Welcome In!

  • Health. in every sense of the word. Put yourself first. You know what that means for you.
  • Change. It is inevitable anyway. You GROW girl (or guy if you are reading this!)
  • Ideas. Do the thing you keep thinking about.
  • Meditation, so the ideas can enter through you.
  • Teamwork. We were not made to know it all. Find someone who is ready and willing to help you grow.
  • Happiness. It is all around you just waiting for you to tell the universe you are ready to receive it.
  • Self-actualization. See where you desire change. Take the necessary steps to work through what is holding you back in love and life.
  • Love. Get rid of the lists. Let the universe do its job. 
  • Being present in whatever is closest to your heart. Put down the phone, turn off the T.V., and just be present. Your kids, your pets or your significant other will appreciate it.
  • A new goal. Get excited. 2017 is your year honey!

Happy New Year!