Kate LordActress and TV host Kate Lord returns to Keeping It Real with Denna to discuss finding passion and purpose in your life story. Learn how to reclaim your life after tragedy and trail blaze your personal and professional career.

Kate and Denna are back, and this week they are discussing Kate’s healing process. After tragically losing both of her parents, Kate realized she needed to focus on herself to restore her life. Thankfully, her relationship with God and therapy were exactly what she needed. Kate believes it’s not time that heals all wounds, but rather what you do with that time that can heal you. Found out how she found the love of her life, a fulfilling career, and now lives a life of purpose.

Next week, best selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Purpose Consultant and Huffington Post Blogger Suzanne Adams joins us to discuss her recent book Musings of an Earth Angel.

Kate and DennaAbout the Guest

Kate Lord

As a working actor & on-camera talent, Kate Lord inspires, first by believing in people; second, knowing their stories; and lastly, relaying those stories to a live audience or through a studio camera lens, inspiring positive life change.

As a “60mph woman”, yes that is how fast Kate can throw a baseball, she uses her former athletic skills of hustle, muscle memory, collaboration, & competitiveness to champion the best out of herself & others when telling stories of substance in the arena of film, entertainment, sports, music, and pop culture.

Kate’s work has been featured on The Travel Channel, ABC, CBS, Lifetime, Bravo Channel, Improv Everywhere, Adult Swim, The Vampire Diaries, and Atlanta based boutiques, billboards, and print ads.

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