4. I once owned...

4. I once owned…

1. I have never had a cup of coffee.
2. I drink chocolate milk every morning for breakfast.
3. My first speaking engagement was at the age of 13 at a middle school assembly. I was President of the Student Body.
4. I once owned a successful greeting card company.
5. I ran 30.1 miles in my first marathon. Don’t ask.
6. My favorite place is on the beach listening to the ocean.
7. I made a comedy tape with my neighbor for Saturday Night Live when I was ten years old.
8. My kids both have colors for middle names: Bleu and Grey.
9. I did a reality show that aired in the U.K.
10. I once faxed Darren Star a show idea for Sex in the City.
11. I have zip lined through a rain forest.
12. A few years ago, I started a non-profit for fatherless daughters called, The Fatherless Daughter Project.
13. I love robin eggs at Easter and hide them from my kids.
14. I talk to my mother every single day.
15. I met my two best friends in elementary school.

5. I ran 30.1 miles...

5. I ran 30.1 miles…

16. I would like to have a cocktail with Andy Cohen.
17. My first book will be published in Spring 2016.
18. I am a born motivator and even catch myself doing it in the grocery store line.
19. My college degree is in Nursing.
20. I had to give my own MOM the Heimlich maneuver once.
21. I can run on my knees, and it is not too pretty.
22. My go to meal is lasagna.
23. I want to do a one-woman show and perform it in every major city.
24. My favorite song is When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge.
25. If I am not busy, I tend to get bored.