Do You Want To Become A Fatherless Daughter Mentor? Now Is Your Chance!

Become a Fatherless Daughter Mentor


Check out some of our fatherless daughter mentors in this video talking about how one of our events impacted their lives.

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Tracey’s Story

My story is one that started as a young girl. I did not lose my dad to illness, but choice — I still remember the day I knelt in my parents room, crying and praying to God for a new family. I was around 6 years old at the time. I am now 29 and my parents are still unhappily married.
My dad was always home, but was never involved with me or my younger sister. Read more

Wedding Jitters & Triggers: How a Fatherless Daughter Can Have a Joyful Wedding Season

You are engaged! It should be the time of your life, but for fatherless daughters, the joy is often overshadowed by the pain. You wonder: Who will walk me down the aisle? How will I pay for it? Will my fiance’s family judge me? How will I get through this monumental day in my life without completely losing it? Read more