HBO Theatre: Let’s Reimagine: Parentloss

Purpose: The Second Act of Loss

What a surreal moment to walk down the halls of HBO in NYC and into the theatre where a picture of you and your book are staring back at you from the screen. I was so moved to be part of such an excellent expert line up speaking on parent loss in NYC last week. I was joined by Cara Belvin of EMPOWERher, Hope Edelman of Motherless Daughters, Rebecca Soffer who co-wrote Modern Loss, Meghan O’Rourke who wrote The Long Goodbye, Cynthia Whipple who help found The Conversation: Stories that Matter, and so many more amazing people dedicating their lives to helping people through grief. What a rewarding experience!

Celebrity Dance Challenge on Behalf of EDIN!

Okay, I am crazy! I have accepted the challenge to be in the #CelebrityDanceChallenge for #Edin (Eating Disorders Information Network) on behalf of fatherless daughters. In our study, 11% of FD’s used anorexia/bulimia to cope with being fatherless. If you want to help me with this cause please donate here  #charity #TheFatherlessDaughterMovement#dance #atlanta #giveback #dancingwiththestars

I have a smidge of rhythm and a lot of heart, so hopefully both will bode well for me on the dance floor!

Could Your Broken Heart Be A Self-Fulfilled Prophecy?

Could Your Broken Heart Be A Self-Fulfilled Prophecy?


ALERT: This post may piss you off.

Let me set the stage for you. The definition of a self-fulfilled prophecy is a positive or negative expectation about circumstances, events, or people that may affect a persons behavior toward them in a manner that he or she (unknowingly) creates situations in which those expectations are fulfilled. Basically, being fatherless may have pre-programmed you for a broken heart. Read more