denna_podcastI am so excited to announce my new podcast “Keeping it Real with Denna.” This has been a cosmic gift. A few months ago I did a radio show on fatherless daughters. Upon leaving the show, the producer asked me if I had ever thought about doing my own podcast. I said, “Ummmm, yes. In fact, I was just talking about it with my sister-in-law on the phone before I came into the show today.” He then graciously offered to help me produce my own show! Watch out world… I have a mic!

Now anyone who knows me knows that I live to analyze people and their situations. I come across so many interesting people who are doing extraordinary things with their lives. I wanted a show where I could get into their heads and figure out what the pinnacle moment was in their lives that made them decide to do something different…something that mattered.

Our first three episodes are dedicated to fatherless daughters. We had two spectacular guests who committed to keeping it real by sharing their own fatherless stories. We covered everything from dating to addictions. It may sound like a deep topic, and it was, but the three of us had way too much fun riffing about the trials and tribulations of being a fatherless daughter.
My next two shows are going to be nothing short of interesting. I have a CEO who found a way to help women who are were victims of sex trafficking. I have a consultant who started a business to help women who are dealing with infidelities find answers with just a few short clicks on the computer.

Stay tuned for more info on how and where to find us. It will be empowering, thought provoking, and wildly fun. It has to be if my outro music is to Tone Loc’s Funky Called Medina!